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August 14, 2017

I am no one to tell you what to do or the choices make in your life, but I can guide through the best way to solve the problem you face daily, the one that does not allow you to achieve your goal and live the life you are dreaming of: I can help you fight obesity. As an expert in this field, I know that it’s harder to said than done, and it takes discipline to have a healthy life and even more to keep those changes in your life. But it’s not impossible! The first thing we have to do is to identify the root of the problem.

Obesity and being overweight are diseases in and of themselves, but are also the gateway to others, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemias (cholesterol disorders), degenerative osteoarthritis, cancer and depression; it’s the first step in a long way towards decreasing the quality of your life.

Do you remember when you started gaining weight? Everything probably changed since then, and you started to transform your life and habits, you accept those changes gradually by adapting to them, but you stay in a comfort zone and your life’s quality decrease. Subtly, you start a toxic process, you get sick, your image suffers for it, and other people start to notice how different you look. Your physical condition deteriorates, you get tired easily, and your energy and vitality diminish.

Gaining weight is a vicious circle in which you don’t eat because of hunger, but because of anxiety. Your brain creates chemical mediators which change your mood, and you can only experience satiety by eating and indirectly stimulating the brain to feel pleasure. Not everything is your responsibility, the food industry has an important role in our daily lives, a lot of products are processed and are made with certain ingredients which stimulate us to keep overeating and making so hard to stop.

Obesity is not built up from one day to another, there are stages to each level and the acceptance process on each one as we get comfortable with it happens gradually. It’s very important to control our mind and not allow it to play with us and make us believe that we are OK, but if that happens, don’t forget you always have the opportunity to change what you don’t like about your life, your body or yourself.

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